jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

Welcome to Between Ink & Paper

Hello, hi there!

About this blog:
I can’t believe I’m actually writing this!  I wanted to create this blog for a long time but I couldn’t find time or maybe I was just too lazy. But hey, winter break is here and I thought ‘Well, I guess it’s time’. And here I am. I’m going to be reviewing Young Adult books mostly and also, here you’ll find information about new books!
I had a hard time finding the right name (because I hate picking names. I always pick the most boring ones) but then Between Ink and Paper came to mind and I thought I was a genius for five seconds.

About Rose:
People like to say I can’t cook. And I’m trying to prove otherwise (and kind of failing at it), I love reading since I learnt how to. The first thing I read was fairytales, my mom bought every fairytale she could find and my favorite was Rapunzel. When I was five, I was scared all the time. My mom asked me why and I told her I had read a book and I couldn’t sleep well since then. She found out I had read her ‘Complete Stories and Poems’ by Edgar Allan Poe days later.  But don’t worry, then I swallowed my fear and couldn’t stop talking about The Golden Bug for weeks. My favorite movies are The Lion King, Pride and Prejudice and Star Wars (and I think people who like Star Wars are the coolest people ever!)
I’m in my third year at Med School and maybe that’s the only thing I love more than reading. I felt out of place most of the times, but when I got in I thought finally I was where I was meant to be!
And yes, english is not my first language. But I’m trying to improve my writing skills ;)